How The Love of God Can Change Your Life.

I was inspired this morning to write about the most challenging task God has ever asked me to do. I was prepared to tell you about the time He asked me to pray for my enemy- the person who had caused so much grief in my life it was like living in the first ringContinue reading “How The Love of God Can Change Your Life.”

Mary Magdalene, How Did You Feel At That Moment?

Has anyone out there watched The Chosen? I admit when I first heard about it, I was somewhat skeptical. I thought it was another show about a stern and pious Jesus walking around quoting scripture and having a little personality. I was wrong. It is so much more. Growing up, Jesus never laughed, smiled, orContinue reading “Mary Magdalene, How Did You Feel At That Moment?”

Believing The Impossible of God’s Love in My Life & Heart.

How could Jesus love me after all the mistakes I have ever made? How could Jesus love someone like me? How could He take my sins on the cross and think of me when He died? My mind cannot comprehend it.