Did You Know You Are a New Creation in Christ?

You are a new creation in Christ.

You are a new creation in Christ when you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior.

Let that sink in for a moment.

When you take steps to turn your life over to Jesus, you are not what you were mere moments ago.

How can that be?

You are no longer a drug addict. That is in your past.

You are no longer an alcoholic. That is in your past.

You are no longer a victim of abuse. That is in your past.

You are no longer an abuser. That is in your past.

You are no longer a porn addict. That is your past.

See where I’m going here?

Hi, My Name is _________, and I’m a New Creation.

At every AA meeting, the first words out of your mouth are: “I’m _______, and I am an Alcoholic.” When you come to Christ, you put that old life behind you and start a new one. You are a new creation. As a Christian, you should not define yourself by the world’s standards but by God’s standards. He tells you who you are in Him. You are His. You are His NEW CREATION.

To the world, I was an “alcoholic.” That is how the world defined me as a person.

When I refused to accept it from the world and refused that word, the healing began, and I am a new creation to my Father. He no longer sees porn, alcohol, drugs, or whatever sin has become a demon attached to you. He removes that and transforms you into His Child. His Beloved.

But you have to put it down. You have to place it at the foot of the cross and never pick it up again. And each time the temptation – or demon – rears its ugly head, put it down at the foot of the cross. Do not let the devil drag you back and tell you who you are.

You are His. He has paid all your sin debts. When the devil charges you with your past, you tell him Jesus paid that debt, and he cannot collect from you anymore.

Praise Jesus for your delivery! Praise Him with singing and blessings! Praise Him with your voice and your heart! Praise Him for making you a new creation!

Jesus paid it all.

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